International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering
 Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees (2016-2018)

The tuition fee for IMETE is different for European and non-European students. The actual cost of the programme for one student is approximately 12.000 EUR per year. Because of government finance and subsidized education in Europe, the tuition fee for IMETE is:

European students: 6.000EUR per year

  • students who are nationals from the 28 EU Member States
  • students who are nationals from one of the EEA-EFTA states (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway)

Non-European students: 8.000 EUR per year

  • All other countries not mentioned above, including Switzerland, Turkey and the Western Balkans region (i.e. Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo under UNSC Resolution 1244/99, FYRoM, Montenegro and Serbia).

Above mentioned tuition fees cover all programme related costs, including the costs for insurance coverage and the administrative costs of the programme (registration, enrolment, subscription, administrative support, access to all faculty and university services, the organisation of the case studies, field trips, guest lecturers, the thesis defence, and other expenditures directly linked to the organisation of the course). Some additional costs may be charged (up to a maximum of 1000 euro) for specific transportation arrangements related to the organisation of case studies, internships or thesis defence, ...


IMETE will not be awarding Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the academic year 2017-2018. However, we have several alternative scholarship opportunities.

We work together with several funding agencies to offer the most rewarding students full or partial scholarships.
Ghent University and IHE Delft are preferred partner of several funding institutes (several Latin-American countries, LPDP in Indonesia, VIED in Vietnam, Chinese Scholarship Council in China, etc.). 

 These opportunities run independently from the IMETE programme. This means that, apart from applying to the IMETE program for admission, you need to apply separately with these funding agencies/organisations, according to their requirements and deadlines.  Some of these scholarships can be combined in order to fund your stay at IMETE. For example, you could find a scholarship for one semester at Prague, another scholarship for your internship, and another one to fund your thesis research abroad. It takes some energy and time on your part, but many of our self-sponsoring students work this way. 

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